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No More Excuses: A Guide to Living your Best Life Ever!

Do You Have the Mind Power to Live Efficiently? Get a Dose From the Dual Drs.


"Your book No More Excuses was a good, good book and I really enjoyed it."

--J. Williams, Dec. 2012.


No More Excuses teaches people to do something with their lives and don't just sit around waiting for something to happen.

--Eunice Jackson, Nov. 2012.


"Well written book, I really enjoyed it. The points you discussed in your book was so true. Great book Dr. Coleman."

--G. Simmons, Oct. 2012.


No More Excuses, was an inspiring book. It motivates people to want to do better in their life.

-- P. Walker, Oct. 2012


"A well written book Dr. Coleman, I look forward to reading your next book. Your book is encouraging and motivating."

--Mary V.,  Oct. 2012


A great book, I really enjoyed it.

--Debbie M.,  Sept. 2012


I enjoyed your book so much I gave it to a co-worker so it could help her.

--Dawn B., Sept. 2012


Good book, I really liked the true stories chapter.

--Bill C., Aug. 2012


I enjoyed reading your second book. I liked this book better than your first book. I like the way you motivate your readers and how you seem to have a passion for helping people and believing in people. I wish you much success in your writings and helping your readers follow their passions.

--N. Johnson, Aug. 2012


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1. Good Self- Help Book, April 18, 2012

This Book is from: No More Excuses (Perfect Paperback)

This book motivated me to want to be a better person. I am going thru a few personal issues and this book has helped me.
Good advice in book. I really enjoyed the
true stories chapter.

2. 5.0 out of 5
No More
, April 14, 2012
review is from:
No More Excuses (Perfect Paperback)
This book offered a lot of practical and sound advice. Excuses will rob you of reaching your fullest potential and you will die with the music still in you!
From Barnes and Noble Customer

3. Anonymous

PostedApril 19, 2012

Great book!

I enjoyed this book. I really liked the chapters about God well written chapter. Good advice through out the book. I reccommend it to anyone that is going through a tough time. I enjoyed your book Dr. Coleman. A must read Book.


1. An excellent motivational guide to harnessing the power of one's own resolve.,
July 8, 2007
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
Written by pharmacists Dr. L.T. Coleman Jr. and Dr. J.M. Williams, Do You Have the Mind Power to Live Efficiency? Get a Dose from the Dual Doctors is a self-help guide to breaking down mental blocks, dedicating oneself to one's dreams, and learning how to efficiently and effectively dedicate one's life to making those dreams reality. Chapters discuss the value of learning lessons from adversity and even failure; how to build upon education and knowledge as a foundation for success; the importance of being wary of and informed about drugs - not only illegal drugs but also over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol; special concerns in preparing for college life; and much more. "The self-fulfilling prophecy states that if you believe something whether true or false, then your mind will believe it and it can become a part of your life. Just begin to pay attention and become conscious of your own thoughts. It can work for you also, if you tell yourself something good it can become a part of your life. That is why it is very important to never finish a negative statement. Negative statements destroy our hope and sap our energy." An excellent motivational guide to harnessing the power of one's own resolve.
2. Easy read to building a better life,

Eric J. Molina (Pasadena,  TX
First off, this book is a must read for any student, but also a handy guide for anyone else. I can honestly say, I wish I would have read this book back when I was a student. I read a few pages at a time and before I knew it, the book was over. The book is great at putting life strategies in terms where anyone, especially younger generations, can relate to.
I recently started a job that initially did not meet my expectations. The book allowed me to remind myself about long term satisfaction and goals to keep me going strong.

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