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Do You Have the Mind Power to Live Efficiently?

Morgan James Publishing, 2007



     The Dual Drs., Dr. Lowell T. Coleman, Jr. and Dr. J. M. Williams have created, Do You Have the  Mind Power to Live Efficiently, a unique and informative self-improvement book. This book was based on the assumption that you want to improve your current situation and become the person you really want to be.


Achievement and Growth is Within your Reach is a chapter within this book, which demostrates how achievement and growth is within anyone's reach. When you keep believing and expecting yourself to do well, that is when achievement will appear in your life. "We Get What We Believe In." 


A Made Up Mind (How the Mind Works), is a chapter that explores how your mind relates to success and failure. You have to have a made-up mind about your future and stay focused down your success pathway. Do You Have the Mind Power to Live Efficiently, is intended for anyone, from students to corporate executives. You do your part and God will take care of the rest.


Living your Life More Efficiently, is the central nervous system for this book. How can you live your life more efficiently, find the answers inside. The Dual Drs. discuss the importance of maintaining a balanced life and a focused vision. You are successful, but is your life balanced. How clear is your vision for your future.



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